My Japan Bucket List

I’ve created my Japan Bucket List some years ago and I’m quite confident with the results by now. I added some points from time to time, but most of them exist since I created the list. If there’s an existing post about any point already, I’m gonna tag it after the tick so you can read about my experience 🙂


going to the sea ✓

♡ going to Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu & Hokkaido

travelling with a Japanese airline ✓

♡ enjoying a day at an Onsen

being invited for dinner by a Japanese family ✓

walking through Fushimi Inaris Torii Tunnels ✓

buying an iconic transparent umbrella ✓

singing Karaoke ✓

seeing wild deer on Miyajima Island ✓

seeing wild deer in Nara ✓

♡ staying in Japan for more than only a holiday

visiting Himeji Castle ✓

♡ visiting all 47 prefectures

♡ well or at least all 8 regions

standing on Tokyo Tower ✓

visiting the Hachiko memorial in Shibuya ✓

♡ seeing Mount Fuji (not only from above >.>)

making Purikura with close friends ✓

♡ wearing a real Kimono

partying in Tokyo ✓

travelling with a Shinkansen ✓

♡ visiting the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba

visiting the peace memorial in Hiroshima ✓

♡ going to Okinawa

visiting Japan at every season ✓

taking photos of Sakura ✓

taking photos of Momiji ✓

shopping at Takeshita Dori ✓

♡ sleeping in a Ryokan

having some beer in Tokyo’s most popular metal bar GODZ ✓

♡ visiting Rainbow Bridge

making friends from all over the world ✓

visiting Tsukiji Fish Market ✓

visiting a cat Café  ✓

visiting a Maid Café ✓

♡ trying Kobe beef

♡ sleeping in a capsule hotel

♡ sleeping in a love hotel

trying natto ✓

walking across Shibuya crossing ✓

♡ seeing “the hells” in Beppu

standing on Akashi Kaikyo Bridge ✓

♡ speaking Japanese fluently

♡ seeing a Japanese firework

visiting Kanamara Matsuri aka. Steel Phallus Festival ✓


Do you also have a bucket list? Which points of your list mean the most to you and which could you already achieve? Or do you think such a list is nonsense because you keep enjoying the moment? Just tell me your opinion in the comments!


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