Finally going to Tokyo

Our journey goes on and we’re finally make it to the coolest city on earth – TOKYO! If you want to know what we’ve seen on our first day in this megacity, and if you also want to know which strange guy we met then you should keep on scrolling!


Thursday, november 19th 2015

Today we get up pretty early. It’s the last time we got to take a shower in this filthy communal bathroom in which you’re feeling even more dirty and gross after leaving the shower. We can’t wait to step into our beautiful Japanese hotel room in Tokyo where we are going to be the only ones using the bathroom. Kyoto is a stunningly beautiful city but we can’t wait to go and see the hectic megacity Tokyo (again). We are packing our bags and ask the hostel staff to call us a taxi since it’s still tipping it down. I can’t help but it feels as if the staff is grateful that we’re leaving xD The taxi driver won’t let us help him bringing our baggage in the car, so we just stand there and wait. This time we arrive at the “right” side of the station, hell yeah!

Angie feels kind of sick so Malie and me are buying some Japanese stuff and a bento box for her while she pays attention on our luggage. The train arrives pretty soon so we can finally get out of this cold and wet place that Kyoto happens to be today. I love to sit in a Shinkansen while looking out of the window and watching the beautiful sceneries passing by and I enjoy this even more when it’s raining. It somehow feels as if we’re going “home”, Tokyo just means so much to me and I can’t wait to finally arrive there. After 2-3 hours the train stops at Shinagawa Station. We’re going to Osaki Station from where we can take the Rinkai Line to our final destination, which is Shinagawa Seaside. We already know that almost every station in Tokyo plays a specific melody, but at Oimachi station we can clearly hear the opening song of “Ariel the little mermaid” – ahhhh!


Google Maps tells us that our hotel should be very near and for the first time in ages we can trust this app again. The Hearton Higashi Shinagawa is located just across the street and since it’s already 03:00pm we can check in immediately. We’re pretty much wondering why our room is located on the fourth floor. If you have ever heard of “tetraphobia” you’ll know what I’m talking about. A post about this topic will follow, you might as well just google it in the meantime 🙂 The room is small as usual, but the bathroom offers a nice tiny bathtub and Angie is satisfied. We’re unpacking our bags and after a shower we’re leaving for Shibuya, what else?! Angie has never been here before and we need to show her how many uncountable amounts of people are walking around in this city. So we’re getting back into the Yamanote train which is bound for Shibuya. Oh, how I’ve missed these announcements!


At first we stop by at the Hachiko memorial. I’ve finally seen the movie now and so I’m posing for photos just like everyone else around does. Angie and Malie are staring at the statue while I’m having a break in the smoking area next to Hachiko. This district of Tokyo never stops to amaze me, there are so many stylish and sometimes even creepy people around which I just enjoy to watch while they’re walking by. Our next stop is a pachinko hall in which we’re doing our first purikura in this trip. Afterwards we’re enjoying a cup of cacao while looking down at the iconic Shibuya crossing. We’re soon getting hungry and so we’re looking for an appropriate place to enjoy a large bowl of ramen – not that easy if you’re travelling with a vegetarian. It’s around 07:00pm and sadly we’re not the only ones looking for dinner, which makes our search even harder. The restaurant we picked is filled to capacity so we’re walking around the corner a several times. When we’re almost giving up there’s a man on the streets asking us to stop by at the restaurant he’s obviously working in. We follow him down the stairs and it looks as if we’re entering a cellar. We don’t expect the ramen to be that delicious but jesus, this was the best bowl of ramen we have ever had in our whole entire lives!

20151119_093136edit 20151119_110650edit

Angie is feeling worse so we decide to go back to our hotel. Since there are vending machines filled with beer on almost every floor of the hotel we agree to have a drink while making plans for the upcoming days in Tokyo. There’s an ashtray next to the vending machine on our floor so we sit down and start talking. After some time a Japanese man in his fifties comes out of his room which is next to the ashtray. He’s only wearing a shirt and boxer shorts, pretty odd. We fear that we’ve been talking to loud but he’s obviously drunk and wants to chat with us. Sadly/luckily he doesn’t speak English and after some bowing we’re leaving for our room. We wait for like 10 minutes until we get out again, we assume that this guy must be sleeping already. But he’s coming back and he’s smiling. He’s slowly approaching Angie and tries to touch her septum piercing which makes us want to leave. His head is all red and we can see his boner through the boxer short he’s wearing. Yep, now it’s really time to RUN to bed and to sleep, enough for today.

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