Chapter 5 – Showdown at House of Blue Leaves

If you want to know what this “Chapter 5 – Showdown at House of Blue Leaves” thing is all about, why I was super happy about it, and if you want to know who we met then continue reading!


Friday, november 20th 2016

Today we’re getting up earlier than usual, but since the weather seems to be foggy we stay in bed and talk until noon. This time we’re somehow not as active as we were in march/april earlier this year. At 12:00 pm. we leave the hotel and it’s quite cold outside. I refuse to walk back in order to get my jacket (and perhaps I’ve seen a quite cool coat in Shibuya yesterday…) so we walk straight to the station. I get off the train at Shibuya station while Malie and Angie go to Ikebukuro to visit the Pokémon Center. Well, I need to buy that coat now, it’s freaking cold, what a pity 😛 After my short shopping stop I get back on the Yamanote Line bound for Shinjuku. As for me, Shinjuku Station isn’t the best spot to meet if you’re not wandering around this place day by day. It seems that Michael doesn’t share this opinion with me so here I stand, lost between hundreds or even thousands of Japanese. Luckily I’m blonde and Michael is tall, the chances of missing each other are quite low. We decide to have lunch in a Chinese restaurant but it’s closed so Michael suggests to get some food in a mexican restaurant instead. I enjoy every minute we spend together since he’s the only one who believes in my plans of moving to Japan. Someday… Probably… Hopefully soon…


After loads of delicious mexican food we’re having some coffee at Starbucks. Now and then I realize how weird this situation actually is. I’ve been reading Michael’s blog for months and really enjoyed every post he published. His blog somehow encouraged me to book a flight to Tokyo, even though I’ve never been travelling alone, just like he did. After my trip to Japan I decided to drop him a line on Facebook, he replied really quick and we made plans to meet up when I’m back in Tokyo, and that’s what we did 2 years ago. Now we’re sitting here, talking about our jobs, failed relationships and anything else we can think of. Since I know you’re reading this – thank you for spending time with me 🙂 Today it seems as if I was living in Tokyo, having a day off and meeting up with a friend. I wonder how my life would turn out to be if I would really stay here for a little longer. Even my “everything will become boring and ordinary” thoughts disappear. I’m luckily sitting next to somebody who made it though the whole process of leaving their home country so I can get lots of information on that topic at first hand.

After some time Michael suggests to go to the place where he lives in order to visit a tiny park so I can take more autumn colour pics. Sadly the park closes when we arrive, so we just decide to have a nap on his couch until we see Malie and Angie for dinner. We wake up shortly before we’re supposed to leave and I’m wondering if my girls are already on their way. I know, they’re both grown up but if you knew them you’d know why leaving them alone in Tokyo makes me worry xD Fortunately they’re already waiting at the exit of Roppongi Station. Tonight I can FINALLY eat dinner in Gonpachi! To all of you who don’t know why this restaurant means so much to me, listen up! Quentin Tarantino has been here once and he made this restaurant the template for all the scenes of “Chapter 5: Showdown at House of Blue Leaves” in Kill Bill Vol.1. I feel like Uma Thurman ready to kill when walking up the stairs to our table. The food is delicious and since Michael orders “all you can drink” we can choose from a huge variety of alcoholic beverages.

After some time I feel a bit tipsy so I order a lemon soda. The waiter serves my non alcoholic life saver and I drink it in one go. After some minutes I feel even more tipsy and when I check the menu I realize that it actually says “lemon sour” instead of what I thought was “lemon soda”. After two hours of eating, drinking and talking we decide to leave, it’s pretty late already. Michael is really generous tonight because he pays for all the four of us! Thank you again 🙂 While heading to our hotel Malie and Angie tell me about their day in the Pokémon Center and the bunny café and I guess that we all had a great day.


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